Hobby Lobby Website Review & Ratings + Hobby Lobby Coupons
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Hobby Lobby Website Review & Ratings + Hobby Lobby Coupons

Hobby Lobby: Products & Services

Hobby Lobby, is an outlet style chain of stores dedicated to supplying materials for a range of popular hobbies based out of Oklahoma City, OK. Hobby Lobby caters to the needs of all kinds of hobby enthusiasts. Some of the products that they are most widely recogized for, are their paint and art supplies, sewing materials, household items, and household decorations. You can view some of Hobby Lobby's inventory by visiting their offical website here. Along with merchandise for every level of hobbyist, Hobby Lobby also has free classes for adulats and children, where anybody can learn a new craft. According to the company's personal motto, Hobby Lobby is "Built on strong values, and honoring the lord, in a manner consistent with Biblical principles." 

Hobby Lobby: Company Background

Hobby Lobby actually began in 1970, when picture frame enthusiast, and Christian businessman David Green, began manufacturing and selling picture frames and other unique treasures out of his home garage. After two years of garage work, Green decided to take his company to the next level by founding "Hobby Lobby" on August 3, 1972. The company started in a 300 sq ft. space in Oklahoma City, Ok. According to David Green, Hobby Lobby has been a success "Thanks to the millions of devoted customers, who recognize the value, and values of Hobby Lobby." Hobby Lobby immediately pursued a family friendly atmosphere, and also catered to the ideas and philosophies of it's Christian base, carrying thousands of inspirational, and biblical items in their 525 stores nationally. As the company approaches its 41st year in business, it plans on expanding into hundreds of new areas in the nest two years. 

Hobby Lobby: Customer Feedback & Reviews

According to the popular customer review website, www.yelp.com, Hobby Lobby seems to be viewed in a positive light by the majority of its customers. Hobby Lobby gets an average rating of four out of five stars. Many of the reviews at www.yelp.com, point to a high level of customer satisfaction in the areas of price, and customer service. The individual ratings for costs average 4.5 out of 5 stars, and  their customer service rating is equal. Some of the comments left in the reviews are things like:

  • "I'm a huge Hobby Lobby fan!"
  • "You can't beat their prices or quality!"
  • "Best selection, and always willing to help!"
  • "Last minute party; Hobby Lobby is a saviour!"

Although they are few, the negative reviews about Hobby Lobby tend to center around the company's political and social views. 

Hobby Lobby: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

According to the Better Business Bureau official website, located here; Hobby Lobby is not a Better Business Bureau accredited organization. The BBB has stringent policies for determining the grade of individual businesses, and according to the official site, Hobby Lobby garners an overall grade of B-. Some of the reasons why companies may or may not be accredited, are based on consumer complaints about the company in question. According to the BBB website, Hobby Lobby has had five complaints over the last twelve months, mostly concerning sales and advertising issues. All of the complaints that are registered on the site, are considered closed. Although Hobby Lobby is not accredited by the BBB, it does hold numerous "Christian Business" awards, spanning many decades of operations. You can read more about awards that the company has received here

Hobby Lobby: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The official Hobby Lobby website can be found at www.hobbylobby.com. The official website currently has a Google page rank of 6 out of 10, as well as an Alexa page ranking of #6,528. According to the traffic tracking website www.freewebsitereport.org, the company's website has an average of 168,505 viewers daily, and generates a monthly ads revenue of $15,165. Hobby Lobby's website also has over four thousand backlinks associated with the site, and has experienced a growth in daily viewership of 40.09% over the last two years. According to the status logs maintained by www.freewebsitereport.org, the company's website, and popularity have been on an upward trend for over three years. 

Hobby Lobby: Social Media Presence

Hobby Lobby has a very large following and a large footprint in the social media realm. The company's Facebook profile, currently has nearly a million likes, and it has effectively channeled its money saving coupons to garner a large following. Besides having a massive number of "likers", Hobby Lobby is also the topic of conversation on Facebook over 18,000 times daily, making it one of the top one hundred conversational subjects on the social network. Hobby Lobby is also successful on the second largest social media website Twitter. Their Twitter account can be viewed here. Hobby Lobby currently has 24,000 tweeters who follow the company on a regular basis.

Hobby Lobby: Website Security & Safety

Hobby Lobby's official website, located at www.hobbylobby.com, is currently considered a safe site according to Google Secure Browser. According to the report generated, which can be viewed here, Hobby Lobby has not tested positive for malicious content in the last ninety days. According to the report, the site has not acted as an intermediary for malicious content in the last ninety days, and out of fifty seven pages tested, all fifty seven pages were deamed sufficiently clean.

Hobby Lobby: Pricing & Packages

Hobby Lobby is considered by many of its customers (according to reviews) to be one of the lowest proced dealers in the United States. According to the official website www.hobbylobby.com, the company offers many "perks" and savings opportunities to their loyal customers. In 2008, the company began a "Card Carrying Member" rewards programs, where every purchase  made at a qualifying location earned the consumer points towards discounts on their upcoming purchases. I checked a number of items at hobby lobby, and then compared them to Wal-Mart to determine the average savings when compared to another nationally recognized retailer:

50 piece pastel set Wal-Mart price: 18.67; Hobby Lobby price: 18.99

Assorted artificial flowers: Wal-Mart price: 3.99 each; Hobby Lobby price: 1.99 after 55% discount.

It is clear by these numbers that where pricing is concerned, Hobby Lobby is competitive. It is also worthy of note that Hobby Lobby offers a number of services not available at many more well known outlets.

Hobby Lobby: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is no shipping associated with these services.

Hobby Lobby: Payment Methods Accepted

Every Hobby Lobby location has an assortment of payment options available to the consumer. It should be noted that the payment options may vary depending on location, but some of the most popular and widely accepted methods of payments are: all major credit and debit cards inclusing Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Hobby Lobby is also happy to accept your personal check, however this is subject to the location of the store, as it is company policy to only accept local checks. As with nearly every other outlet, Hobby Lobby is able to accept your cash payments. 

Hobby Lobby: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Hobby Lobby has a return policy that is very similar to the one used by many other large retailers. An item can be returned anytime within the first thirty days with a receipt for a full refund of the purchase price. If the customer does not have the receipt available, then the return will be accepted at current store price (clearance price in many cases), and returned to the customer as a store credit. When compared against Wal-Mart, Sears, and K-mart, the return policy at Hobby Lobby is nearly identical, with the exception of Wal Mart, who will allow returns with receipt anytime within the first sixty days of the purchase.

Hobby Lobby: Product images & screenshots
Hobby Lobby Coupons
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